Breckenridge Park Model truly offer a Finer Living Experience

Park Model homes are seasonal homes which can be transported. However most park models are transported only once in their lifetime that is from the factory to the site on which the house will stand. The Breckenridge Finer Living Company is one of the finest and largest manufacturers of such seasonal dwellings and park model homes. This company which was started in the year 1991 is a division of the Damon Corporation.

Today the Breckenridge Company is one of the leading companies in the recreational vehicles industry when it comes to building recreational park home models. This is due to the fact that they have many features, benefits as well as many values to offer with their every park home model.

There are four different kinds of Breckenridge Park Model that you can choose from which are the Perfect Cottage, the Bayridge, the FineLife Cottage and the Xtendables. These park models are known for their coastal influences, their stone fireplaces, the rustic interiors as well as urban designs and the vaulted ceilings which can be found in the XT park model homes.

The Perfect model cottages are lifestyle specific homes which are available in four seasonal comforts which are the classic which has the HydePark model, the rustic which has the CopperLodge model, the coastal which has the WatersEdge model and the casual which has the RiverStone model. This Breckenridge Park Model has extensive windows to providea well lighted and airy interior as well as an expansive view of the outside. The CopperLodge is constructed using high quality cedar tree logs which have been hand installed with vinyl thermopane sand colored patio. The WatersEdge model cottage comes with a six feet covered deck which is just one of the three different deck floor plan options. The Riverstone model has a walk a bay window located in the dining area. its exterior of stone which covers the patio side and front of the cottage will make it last for many years.

The Classic XT models have all the conveniences and comforts of a seasonal cottage. This Breckenridge Park Model has been built with a view to maximize space constraints by strategically placing Xtensions in the bedroom and living area which give an increased width of a littler under 12 feet. The roof which is built using a T.P.O. one piece membrane has a 12 year warranty. It also has optional shutters which you can avail of in six different color options. The exterior features are of dual toned aluminum. Other exterior features include a large number of big windows, a patio door which measures at 60 inches as well as an 8 feet tall ceiling height.

The FineLife Models are available in two different model options which are the vinyl sliding and the log sliding options. While the vinyl sliding features a vinyl exterior, the log sliding has a rustic exterior. Standard options include large vinyl residential thermopane windows and 25 year shingle roof. This model is an attractive and low maintenance model who’s siding, shingles and shutters are available in many different custom colors.

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